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Diana Martin-Gotcher is a Holistic Health Practitioner, Published Author, and PhD Student of Holistic Medicine. Her mission is to help YOU live a healthier and happier life though her workshops, retreats, and masterclass. Diana is the Founder of iPlatinum Health. She will provide 1:1 services via her Telehealth platform. iPlatinum Health will be providing clients with an online supplement store, with more then 15,000 supplements/300 brands (coming soon).

Diana currently provides a global community with the comprehensive tools they need to create their own version of wellness and success! (All online workshops will be transferred to her new Telehealth platform effective January 1st, 2021.)


She understands that being an effective life coach is not only about the business skills, but about personal development, facing new challenges, and pushing through her own fears. As a life coach and published author, Diana’s passions are in nutrition, lifestyle, and over-all wellness. She has earned a ‘Knowledge Business Certificate’ from Tony Robbins, and has been published in ‘The AG Magazine’ and ‘Mantra Wellness Magazine’. She holds a degree, licenses and multiple certifications in the field of wellness, and is an advocate of HOLISTIC HEALTH!


Diana and her husband own and operate CGD Ranch in Northern California. Diana loves the ranch lifestyle! She is active in planting and harvesting grain and alfalfa, and working with the many animals on their ranch, including a small buffalo herd. Combining her love of wellness and ranching, Diana is dedicated to her home-life on the ranch, and looking forward to bringing people together at workshops and retreats to learn about wellness, at ranch style venues!

Diana Martin-Gotcher


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