Education & Milestones

Born in 1968, Diana was raised, and currently lives in California. Throughout her life, she has had a passion for psychology, health and nutrition. 


1987: State Board of Cosmetology- Licensed


2001: Loving Hands Healing Institute: Human Anatomy and Physiology,  Muscle Energy Technique, Organ Meridians, Trigger-Point Therapy, Stress Therapy, Therapeutic Exercise, Massage Techniques (Lymphatic, Prenatal, Swedish, Deep Tissue), Cryotherapy, Body Mechanics, and Holistic Health.


2008: University of Phoenix: Psychology Degree, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Positive Psychology


2013: Optimum Health Institute: Alpha Technique and Toning (meditation), Digestion, Cleansing, Emotional Detox, Physical Detox, self-Esteem, and Holistic Health. (OHI does not certify or license. Education only.)

2015: Diana continues post-graduate education in Holistic Health.


2016: Optimum Health Institute: Enzymes, Organic Gardening, Personal Care, Focus 1 & 2 (setting priorities and goals), Conscious Breathing (meditation), Communication, and Holistic Health. (OHI does not certify or license. Education only.)


2016: Living Light Culinary Institute: Certified Raw Nutrition Educator, studying the Biochemistry of Heating Foods, Raw Food Sources of Nutrients, Science of Raw Nutrition, Acid/Alkaline Balance, Protein, Essential Fats, Minerals, and Holistic Health. Diana also studied the Psychological Factors of Health and Healing, Weight-loss, and Youth Extension & Longevity! The curriculum she received is state-licensed by the California Bureau for Private Post-Secondary education, providing comprehensive research and education, by Drs. Rick and Karen Dina (authors of the Raw Food Nutrition Handbook).

2017: 'Raw Diligence', was published in July 10th, 2017. 

2018: Diana is a Holistic Health Practitioner, with DISTINCTION (earned 100% score on assessment). She is a member of the International Alliance of Holistic Therapists and member of the National Physique Committee. Along with continued education, Diana has launched  the Raw Diligence 21-Day Challenge App, which is now available on the App Store/iTunes.

2019: Certificate earned in the Knowledge Business Blueprint Course by Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi. This certificate has given Diana the knowledge and tools to successfully teach online/virtual workshops, in-person workshops, Mastermind classes, and speaking events. The strategies acquired will help her clients take full advantage of her expertise in the areas of emotional and physical wellness. Diana has recently released her new eBook guide, '7 Habits of Optimum Health'.

2020: Diana's article 'From Tragedy to Passion' will be featured in Mantra Wellness Magazine in March. Ruralite Magazine will feature her article, 'Aging Gracefully'. These are milestones for her purpose driven life. She has also completed the 2.0 Version of the Knowledge Business Blueprint Course by Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi, earning another certificate. In addition to ongoing educational pursuits, Diana has recently started Virtual/Online Workshops and in-person Workshops & Retreats. She will be a guest speaker at the Fearless Women's Summit in Los Angeles on October 3rd, 2020. Diana also, continues working towards her PhD in Holistic Medicine.

2021: It is projected that Diana will earn her PhD in Holistic Medicine by April. Her plan is to continue working closely with her clients via private practice, workshops (online and in-person), and retreats. 

Diana has learned that over-all, holistic wellness brings psychology, fitness and nutrition together. She passionately believes in life-long learning. Using an integrative approach, Diana has changed the way she views health challenges. Her focus is to teach Nutrition, Lifestyle and Fitness via social media, her books, website, app, health events, workshops & retreats!

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